Hagen Engineering GmbH

Professional service provider to plastics industry

Hagen Engineering is a subsidiary of the Hagen Stiftung. As a provider of engineering and technology services, the company develops plastic components from the idea right through to the final product.

Core of our services is the technical center in Bonn with focus on blow molding processes, machines and components. 

Our services includes e. g.

  • Product development and optimisation
  • Process- and product-simulation
  • Sampling of molds
  • Trials during material developments
  • Test series of new material or products (e.g. biobased raw material)
  • Production of blow moulded articles (small scale series)
  • Support with start of production
  • Process development in collaboration
  • Trainings

Hagen Engineering GmbH works together mainly with producers of raw materials, production companies, machine builders, system builders and R&D-Institutes.

Processing equipment

Extrusion blow moulding

ASPI 200

©Foto: ST BlowMoulding

3D suction blow moulding and 2D conventional blow moulding processes

  • accumulator head volume: 2,5 litre
  • srew: 70 mm - 24 D
  • clamping force: 200 kN
  • tool  dimensions: 1.400 mm x 800 mm x 500 mm (hight x depth x width)
  • tool opening width: 500 mm - 1.400 mm
  • tool opening stroke: max. 900 mm


conventional blow moulding with continous extrusion or accumulator head operation

  • srew: 60 mm - 20D
  • article size: 0,5- 5 litre
  • clamping force: 100 kN
  • tool dimensions: 470mm x 370mm x 270 mm (height x depth x width)
  • tool opening width: 270 mm - 520 mm
  • tool opening stroke: max. 250 mm


Single-screw Extruder RH-78

for extrusion- and material tests

  • srew 35 mm - 25 D