Dr. Reinold Hagen Stiftung

Initiatives for People and Technology

The Dr. Reinold Hagen Stiftung is an independent, non-profit foundation under civil law which is based in Bonn. It was founded in 1988 and has been operational since 1991. The purpose of the foundation is to promote science and education as well as general and vocational training. Based on the guiding principle “fostering human development – shaping technology”, the foundation develops and realizes initiatives concerned with basic and advanced vocational training as well as with research and development in the fields of plastics and mechanical engineering. The foundation’s philosophy and starting point of all its activities are based on the belief that competitiveness, innovative strength, knowledge and learning are closely interrelated and dependent on one another. Vocational and advanced training are the driving force behind technical progress and success in our society. This is what the foundation wants to support and encourage.

Objectives and tasks:

  • To develop, organize and conduct basic, further and advanced training measures, with the aim of working together with companies and other institutions to meet demands for skilled labor, in particular in the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region.
  • To promote the education of young people at all levels, aiming to arouse an interest in commercial and technical professions, give talented and less talented trainees the chance to become skilled workers and offer university students the opportunity to study a practice-oriented degree course in in selected fields of engineering.
  • To initiate and conduct development projects and model projects in education with the aim of supporting task management in the education sector.
  • To initiate and conduct research and development projects with the aim of advancing plastics and mechanical engineering, in particular blow molding, in a manner that is gentle on resources and also environmentally friendly.
  • To further develop knowledge gained from projects and measures with the aim of transferring it to practical applications.


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